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Demes Regent Best Quality

Demes History

Demes Meat processing Company established in Shiraz, in 1980, as the first successful manufacture of sausages & bologna unit Outside of Tehran in the south of Iran, by use of the most modern machinery in the world, with cooperation of experienced food industry professionals. Demes brand (the Mazen word means calves that taken from milk) launched with its motto that reagent the best quality ,due attention to incomparable welcoming visitors, necessity of expanding the factory in 1995 was working by company managers & exploiting the current factory with the multiple halls production began in 18 km from Shiraz-Booshehr road in Khan Khamis region in 1997. Activity extent of company production of sausages & bologna from the first year of product has been developed to various packaged red meat (beef & sheep) white meat (chicken & turkey) all kind of kebab & hamburgers, processed chicken products –red & white meat processing, & over 100 different types of products are produced in factory at present. Demes Co. has 5 exclusive distribution branch meat production in Shiraz and all around Iran.

Contact Us

Office: 5th floor, Delta building, Felestin St, Shiraz, Iran

Phone: +98 713 2300959 , +98 713 2303225

Fax: +98 713 2334871


Tel: +98 71580 66623

Telegram Channel: @demes

Instagram Page: demes.ir